Accurately measures temperature and indicates high fever
Manages who gets access
Data Securely stored in the cloud


The Pillar

This pillar will be placed at the site entrance.

To be manned by a staff member to screen individuals entering the facility. 

The Pillar has a built-in tablet charger and is powered from a wall socket.


Capture Portal

The Capture Portal is a web-application designed to capture customer or staff essential contact information and temperature. It prompts the staff member manning the portal at the site entrance whether the person is clear for entry (low temperature), whether the person is on the limit (borderline temperature and may enter but with PPE) or whether the person’s temperature is too high and must be denied access.


Management Dashboard

The data from the site is live-streamed to the Netelek Cloud for easy access by management. Through NetC19 the management team can follow the real-time site statistics and download the staff log for each site. 


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