NetC19 is a thermal screening solution that enables a business, construction or industrial concern to screen its staff/customers entering a plant or facility by screening their temperature, logging their contact information and keeping a log of their movement in and out of the facility or facilities in question. The onsite data is live-streamed to the cloud host, enabling management to follow site statistics and access staff/customers records for risk mitigation across a spectrum of facilities located at different geographical addresses.
Measures and indicates high fever
Manages who gets access
Data Securely stored in the cloud

from R120 per month


The Pillar

NetC19 Stainless Steel Pillar

Tablet bracket

(tablet optional)

Thermometer bracket

(thermometer optional)

Sanitising spray bracket

(bottle and sanitizer included)


This pillar will be placed at the site entrance.


To be manned by a staff member to screen individuals entering the facility. 


The Pillar has a built-in tablet charger and is powered from a wall socket.


Capture Portal

Notice: Allowed/Denied

AdobeStock_337451480 [Converted].png

Select Site

Staff/Customer info

Measured temperature

Optional additional fields

The Capture Portal is a web-application designed to capture customer or staff temperature readings and essential contact information. It prompts the staff member manning the portal at the site entrance whether the person is clear for entry (low temperature), whether the person is on the limit (borderline temperature and may enter but with PPE) or whether the person’s temperature is too high and must be denied access.



Management Dashboard

Netelek Product Photos - NetC19 Manageme

Manage and track

Date and Time


Contact & ID number

Amount of people inside

The data from the site is live-streamed to the Netelek Cloud for easy access by management. Through NetC19 the management team can follow the real-time site statistics and download the staff log for each site. 




Cloud Portal [NetC19]

Data hosting, retrieval and reporting



per site
per month

Hardware Accessories

Pillar with screening tool brackets (Optional)

Stainless Steel Pillar

Thermometer Bracket

10" Tablet Bracket

Electricity Connection Point

Sanitizer Bottle & Bracket



Accessories (Optional)

10" 3G Android Tablet







Prefered Partner

Netelek is a software company with a 30 year plus track record of delivering bespoke software and hardware solutions to longterm customers. The recent pandemic has challenged us to rethink how we make our software solutions available. With the launch of our Prefered Partner Program we teamed up with local service delivery companies who have the means to commission and support solutions within their immediate communities. For more information about our latest NetC19 software solution and our existing offerings contact a partner local to your field or community. If you have any trouble finding a partner contact us directly so that we may introduce you.

Field: Medical & Health

Local to: South Africa

Wellness & Beyond

Founded in 2014, Wellness and Beyond (Pty) Ltd is a private healthcare management company with a primary focus on the provision of administration and management consulting services - including but not limited to all aspects of human resources, administrative processes, billing and coding, stakeholder relations, and facility/operational planning.

Field: Retail

Local to: South Africa

Rain Africa

We care. About the environment, our planet and the people in it. We have teamed up with Netelek to distribute and support their NetC19 initiative through our existing channels with the hope of promoting a safer retail environment.

Field: Retail & Industrial

Local to: Western Cape

J Lubbe Distribution

Decades worth of experience in the Industrial sector throughout Southern Africa. 

Field: Municipal

Local to: Free State

Rural Free State 

Service for the people by the people. Thats what we stand for and thats why we have partnered with Netelek. We're offering you support for modern technology from within the Community.

Field: Mining & Industrial

Local to: South Africa

Gorrop Distributors

We provide services to the mining industry. We have partnered with Netelek to promote a safer environment for the mines and their stakeholders.

Field: Utility Services

Local to: South Africa

Altech Solutions

We provide services to the mining industry. We have teamed up with Netelek to distribute and support their NetC19 initiative through our existing clients.

Field: Engineering & Consulting

Local to: South Africa

S&W Consulting

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Field: Utility Services

Local to: South Africa

Rural Maintenance

We specialise in utility services. We have partnered with Netelek to support the NetC19 initiative through our existing clients with the hope of promoting a safer environment for essential workers in South Africa.  


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