Product owner

R15'000-R40'000 cost to company

What do we do

We develop real-time single page web applications and specialise in the Utility and Retail industries. These industries are particularly focused on managing and tracking the sales of stock which may be in the form of electricity, or retail products. Our solutions, although focused on real time single page applications, sometimes need to creep into the hardware field to make our applications useful: Integrating measurement hardware is such an example.

What are we looking for

Our development team plays a vital role in the user adoption of our solutions and as a result we need to engage with a number of stakeholders outside of the development team. We are looking for an individual that can facilitate the link between our developers and the outside stakeholders. We call this role a product owner and here is some of its responsibilities:

  • Testing: Basic testing requires a developer to check for any error messages. A product owner’s level of testing will go further than that in that they will have to check the error free result too - confirm that what's being rendered makes sense and is what was required from the user’s perspective.

  • Project management: Task assignments to developers are done on a senior level. A product owner’s responsibility is to ensure that the requirement from the client is correctly communicated to the rest of the team and that the feedback is relayed back to the client so as to manage the expectation from the stakeholders.

  • Data retrieval: System generated reports are spec'd and developed by the team as a whole. A product owner would have to be capable of extracting data from the database directly in the event that the system generated reports are not yet developed. This requires SQL coding.

  • UI/UX Design: A system final layout is decided on by the team as a whole. A product owner would have to be capable of generating UI mockups and compiling CSS style classes to support the team in landing on the ideal layout.


Our techstack consists of HTML and Javascript (BroadcastChannel, Mqtt and some Knockout) for our client side, JAVA (JAX-RS,EJB,JPA) and MQ messaging for back end, all deployed on Payara. If you think any of these components are outdated then you do not have enough experience for this position and we would discourage you from applying.

Typical Remuneration

R15’000 - R40’000 per month cost to company at our discretion.

Place of Work

Netelek Office

5 Zeederberg Square, Hoog en Droog, Paarl, Western Cape

Optional Accommodation

Having trouble finding accommodation in Paarl. Netelek offers Furnished Executive Studio apartments on campus. White sheets, full kitchenette, walk in shower, DSTV, secure shade parking, weekly cleaning service, weekly laundry service. Walking distance of jogging and cycling routes in Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve. Across the street from Spar, restaurants, and a pharmacy.


Online Application

Due to the high number of applications we require you to complete an online application form linked below. If you require any assistance please contact Francois at Email Subject: Product owner.


The company reserves the right to make no appointments. Any appointment which may be made is at the sole and absolute discretion of the company.


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