Training Facilitator and Head of Network Operations

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Netelek commenced operations in the electricity utility sector in 1990. The electricity sector is largely regulated with significant regulatory oversight and employee skills/certification requirements in order for the Company to adhere to quality services delivery and safe operational practices.

We are looking for a Training Facilitator and Head of Network Operations.

R600,000 and R960,000 per annum

Inclusive of performance bonus, medical aid, pension, travel allowance and 20% overtime allowance.


General requirements:

  • Place of work will be at the premises of Netelek (Pty) Ltd at 99 Fascia Street, Silvertondale, Pretoria.

  • Minimum qualification:

  • Register at ETDP as a Moderator (registration can occur post appointment)

  • Register at ETDP as an Assessor (registration can occur post appointment)

  • BTech (Electrical) or BEng (Electrical)

  • Pr Tech or Pr Eng will be an advantage.

  • At least 10 years relevant experience in the training and electricity industry.

  • The candidate must be willing to travel from time to time in the execution of his/her work related duties.

  • Must be fluent in English (speaking as well as writing) – other languages will be an advantage.

  • Must have excellent computer skills.

  • Must have a valid drivers licence.

Specific skills required:

  • Competent in the field of electrical engineering, network operations and human resource development.

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge and experience of the human resource training environment with the view of developing competent and loyal employees.

  • Leadership and training by example.

Indicative scope of Responsibilities for the successful candidate:

Training and related facilitation

  • Good record keeping

  • Network Operations

  • Training Register

  • Course materials

  • Certification and expiration dates of authorizations/certificates etc.

  • Ensure that all employees are at all times compliant with the relevant competencies the Company (or Group) may require from its staff and ensure certification where applicable.

  • Assist and provide basic systems and installation training (Technical and Financial) utilized within Group.

  • Assist and provide basic email and Google drive training for all staff to be able to make use of the Company resources.

  • Submit and claim SETA training grants

  • Maximize skills development within the Group of Companies

  • Ensure accreditation from professional and government bodies are obtained for courses presented to staff and external customers where applicable

Network Operations

  • Operate and control of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage electricity network infrastructure up to 132kV.

  • Oversight and supervision of network field officials in executing of their network operation duties in terms of the OHS Act and subsequent regulations and rules such as Operating Regulations for High Voltage Systems, the Grid Code (where applicable) and the like.

  • Record keeping of all switching operations and negative network impacts and down times.

  • Relevant NERSA reporting.

  • Oversight of duty schedules

  • Any other legal, lawful and/or reasonable instruction or outcome.

  • Obtaining Government Certificate of Competency (this can be acquired within 12 months after appointment)

The successful candidate will report to the Group Chief Technology Officer, the Group Compliance Officer and the Group Chief Executive Officer as relevant. All three of whom, are Pr.Eng (Electrical) professionals.

Netelek (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to make no appointments if, at its sole discretion, no suitable candidates applied.

Salary will depend on qualifications and experience but the band envisaged is between R600,000 and R960,000 per annum (inclusive of performance bonus, medical aid, pension, travel allowance and 20% overtime allowance) and will depend on the candidates experience, qualifications and assessment. The Group pension scheme also allows for 24 month salary payout to nominated person(s) in case of death.

Submission Details:

Please make the following mandatory submission as per the points below, to failing which, your application will be rejected. Please also be aware that appointments are only made after successful completion of a polygraph, due to the sensitive nature of the opportunity.

  1. Colour photograph

  2. Summary of career history in no more than 100 words.

  3. Reasons for wanting this opportunity AND whether you will be able to abide by the requirements as posted for this position.

  4. Salary requirement

  5. Salary R________

  6. + 15% Pension R_________

  7. Medical Allowance R________

  8. Total Salary Required R_________ [a+b+c]

  9. Detailed CV

No Response after 2 weeks from date should indicate that your application was unsuccessful.

Closing date: 6 July 2020 at 14h00

Netelek reserves the right to make no appointment.


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