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Renewable Project Engineer

Netelek Engineering Department


The available position is based at our Paarl office located in Main Street.


The position offers a remuneration bracket of R20’000 - R35’000 cost to company and is based on the candidate's qualifications and experience so assessed by the company at the company's discretion.

Job Scope

As a valuable member of the team, the candidate will be expected to work on projects typically associated with renewable energy and energy storage. The work scope typically includes project management, research and development, administrative reporting, financial feasibility studies and external supplier collaboration. The candidate will form part of engineering teams dispersed across departments and sister companies.

The applicant can expect to participate in any of the following duties and tasks:

  • Engineering [core duties]

    • Renewable Projects: Research, Scoping, Feasibility Models and Project Management.

    • Regulatory Compliance: GMR2 registration and internal compliance.

    • Administrative Projects: Carbon credit registrations, audits and verification.

    • Collaboration: with consulting engineering, construction engineering and project finances teams.

  • Software [secondary duties]

    • Data science relating to real-time reporting and large data processing.

    • Commissioning of ICT/Engineering monitoring systems for reporting purposes.

  • Electrical Engineering

    • Electrical Metering

    • Photovoltaic

  • Distribution

  • Project calculations and reports

  • Support

    • Provide technical support for field technicians and electricians

    • User training and Implementation

    • Monitor projects, generate reports

Job Requirements

Candidates that do not qualify for all the criteria listed below are still encouraged to apply. Candidates that can demonstrate self-drive, passion for engineering and most importantly the ability to problem solve will be favoured.

Academic qualifications

BEng or BSc (Eng) 4-year degree in

  • Electrical

  • Or Electrical & Electronic

  • or Mechanical


  • Non-commercial experience: The candidate is expected to have at least 4 years of experience scoping and managing engineering solutions on either a hobbyist or academic level.

  • Commercial experience: It is expected that the candidate has at least 2 years of experience or completed 2 commercial projects that included solution scoping, development and commissioning.

Project Management Tools

  • Gantt Charts (like MS Project and Asana)

  • Spread Sheets (like MS Excel, Google Workspace Sheets)

  • Live Data Reports (like Google Data Studio)

Engineering Tools

  • PV Sol

  • Fusion360

  • Autodesk AutoCad

  • PowaMaster

  • ReticMaster

Application Process

Our recruiting process is documented below. Take note that the company at its full discretion can terminate the process at any time.

  1. Online application form.

  2. Preliminary interview.

  3. Technical assessment.

  4. Formal Interview.

  5. Polygraph and Drug test.

Submission Deadline

The deadline for step 1 of the application process is 10 am Monday, 7 August 2023.


The company reserves the right to make no appointments. Any appointment which may be made is at the sole and absolute discretion of the company.

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