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Anyone can provide a point of sale. Netelek provides a solution that reports sales and stock movement to the CEO in real time? A solution that reports confirmed cash banked to the Shareholders in real time? A solution that is so easy and straightforward to use that operators enjoy taking stock and performing stock transfers from their mobile smartphones - making the information so much more accurate for an Auditor.

POS Terminal

Time is money and down time is detrimental.

NetPOS is Web-Based. It couldn’t be any other way. The Web App allows us to host the system for you and with it all the automated failovers and redundancies. This way you can focus on serving a client in the moment they decided to purchase an item before they consider doing without.

Mobile Stock Management App

It's all about the data.

That's why we have made the effort to provide the most junior of staff with a tool that promotes accurate data collection. From stock transfer out of central store to stock take in shop.

Huawei NetStore App_NetStore - Counter.p

CEO Dashboard

Immediate access to actual data brings incredible power.

NetPOS paired with NetStore delivers the commander in chief real time insight into their business: Which products ranks 4th based on quantity sold this month across all regions. What time is peak sales in the top 10 performing stores. How much of the sales this month has been banked up-to today.

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