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Reliability and uptime are key for Vending Stations. This is why we brought our vending station to the Cloud. Management of vendor limits and collected revenu are essential - this is why we provide our clients full control and reporting from the cloud console. Costs have a big impact on profitability and this is why our web application is compatible with any hardware.

With our service being hosted our clients business can scale unhindered. Disaster recovery and system uptime is managed by us. NetTariff integrates with NetVend meaning clients have access to our entire available Tariff database.


Ready to extend your vending platform? Activate your NetView subscription for instant access to the NetView tools for scrutinizing your network of prepaid meters. Activate your NetBill subscription and start collecting your rates and taxes through your existing vending stations. Need more… connect the Netelek platform to your open architecture accounting platform and synchronize your vending data. In real time.

Online Prepaid Electricity Vending

You can now buy prepaid electricity online through your bank.

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Micro vending

Community members can purchase credit from any device connected to the internet.

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