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Stock - can’t run a business without it but can you run a business without stock loss? Of course, you just need to know where your stock is. Simple, right? When you have a team working together this becomes a challenge. We address the challenge by providing a stock system that anyone can use, from anywhere.

Mobile Stock Management App

It's that simple.

It’s as simple as Susan walking into the dry store, selecting pizza flour on the mobile app, selecting the weight and simply clicking ‘Book out to Kitchen.’

Owner Dashboard

It's that powerful

Debra is sitting out front with her laptop where she can keep an eye on the front counter. Monitoring customer response. Ensuring excellent service. “Ping” goes her notifications, up pops a message from the NetStore window “cake flower - stock has just dipped below 10kg. Click here to see your stock below min order level to order now.”

Stock Take

It's that current.

Posting stock movement is as easy as posting updates on social media and as a result the records are that much more up to date. Stock takes now become stock checks. Audit headaches become audit trail print outs - at the click of a button.

Ensuring everything runs smoothly means your customers are always happy.

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