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All your metered data for electricity, water, gas, temperature and more collected on NetView and available for scrutinising. Whether you're using the data to control a Municipal Grid Network or to verify your residential utility bill. NetView is a hosted service compatible with all open architecture metering and control equipment.

View your consumption profile, identify your trend and realize where you can cut back on waste.

Calculate the value of your consumption to verify a utility bill. Calculate the possible value of your consumption by comparing your tariff to other available tariffs.

Compare your consumption profile between different periods.

You can’t be online all the time. Let Alarms notify you of events on your network. Whether there is a power outage, whether your consumption is about to exceed your supply or whether there is a spike in supply voltage.

Having trouble pinpointing the losses? Run a recon which uses your network of check metering to track the unregistered / unmetered consumer - be it a culprit or leak.

Capture a manual meter reading. View historic meter readings captured through the mobile app.

There is always a paper trail. With media you can store Documents relevant to your network and photos depicting your installations.

Easily setup your new device from a range of preloaded configurations. Customize the configuration with specific installation related data such as GPS coordinates and CT Ratios.

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